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An important part of my real estate business is finding and securing investment properties for my clients and for my personal investment portfolio. I am fortunate to have a partner (in life and business), Josh Hull, with decades of general contracting and home inspection expertise to help me repair and resell our investments. Josh and I individually own separate small businesses, but our renovation projects are where our companies often intersect.

I made my initial real estate investment at age 19 when I bought my first property. My enthusiasm for real estate investing has grown exponentially since. From becoming a first-time homebuyer to tackling my first investment property, it took time to gain the confidence I needed to take on a renovation and resale project.

We watched people in our community and on television flipping properties before we decided to give it a try. Let’s be clear…HGTV makes it look far easier than it is. Each 45-minute flip episode equals 3-4 months of long days and weekends. Often times things don’t go quite as planned which requires troubleshooting a myriad of surprises (many not so good).

We have grown and learned so much with each project, and every time our friends, family, and followers cheer us on. It is exciting to see the outcome, but many people often miss what it truly takes to get there. For the first-time, we are giving everyone an opportunity for an inside look at the process, challenges transformations, and our reflections along our journey.

As a condominium in the Collister foothills, this particular property is somewhat unique from our past renovations. The neighborhoods of North West Boise are some of the Treasure Valley’s most desirable communities with close proximity to trendy eateries, foothills recreation, and speedy access to downtown attractions.

Through our upcoming videos, you will get the chance to follow us from our first walk through all the way to the final reveal. Our most frequent updates will roll out on my social media channels, including FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn. We would love to hear from you along the way, so make sure to connect with us on social media or visit our website to view other properties in the area.

Renovation is one of our areas of expertise as a full-service real estate agency. Let me know how I can help you plan your next real estate move!

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