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Make The Most Out Of The Spring Real Estate Market

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There are certain trends for the real estate market that come every spring. And, with Boise’s hot real estate market, there are somethings you should know to land your next property. A recent Bankrate.com study put Idaho as number four for the hottest real estate markets which means that having a game plan is necessary to get what you want.

Here are three things you need to know about the spring real estate market:

1.) Prices

More competition drives prices higher. The busiest season for real estate tends to be summer, as people often wait until kids are out of school to make a move. So, for buyers, buying in spring may net you a better deal than you’d find during peak season.

But it’s not just buyers who can benefit for the spring season – there are advantages for sellers as well. Less inventory may mean lower prices, but it also means less competition (and agents are often not quite as busy). If you list in the spring instead of waiting until Summer, you very well could get more focus and attention on your property.

2.) Curb Appeal

When we come out of the winter thaw and the clouds clear overhead, everything comes to life. Road conditions improve and people start milling about. The natural beauty of blue skies, greener lawns, and blooming landscape always makes for better curb appeal.

Real estate shoppers will be driving through their favored neighborhoods in search of their dream home. If you have your home on the market, you will want to make the most of your property’s curb appeal by sprucing up your yard and exterior. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures and make your yard pop! by adding some annual color in flower beds or pots.

3.) Timing

The spring market typically begins in April; however, the pandemic may affect the timing in irregular ways this season. We typically see a big push from buyers and sellers beginning in late March. Since last year’s spring season was disrupted with the lockdown, we may see a quicker ramp up of the market this year. Agents are watching for this trend and can help you identify the prime time to engage.

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