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First-Time Home Buyers and Veterans are Choosing Boise

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Boise, Idaho has shown up in the spotlight several times over the last several years It’s a charming city appealing to those seeking access to rich outdoor lifestyles away from big city traffic and expenses.

But people are flocking to Boise for more than just charm and outdoor sports. In 2020, Boise showed up on “best city” top 10 charts once again, and this time in two special categories that we, as long time Idaho residents, are proud of.

Beginning a New Chapter in Life

Owning your own home is a quintessential part of the realizing the American dream, and the Millennial generation is arriving at the age at which they can make their dreams a reality. This boosts the number of first-time buyers seeking an affordable home in which to build their future.

Data shows that in the final months of 2019, 39% of people who purchased a home in the US did so for the first time. Of course, not everyone who’s buying a home for the first time is a Millennial. Even so, it’s an exciting step – one that 360 Realtor Service are excited to encourage for Boise newcomers and natives alike.

Throughout this Spring and Summer, despite being in the midst of a pandemic, Boise’s housing market has held strong and steady. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Boise, once again, has arrived on one of WalletHub’s top 10 lists.

In a report on 2020’s Best & Worst Cities for First-Time Home Buyers, Boise ranks #2, just below Henderson, Nevada. This is an exciting achievement as Boise’s population and job opportunities continue to grow far beyond the national average.

It’s never too late to begin a new chapter in life, and with the influence of Coronavirus, mortgage rates have plummeted across the valley, making buying a serious opportunity you shouldn’t dismiss without weighing all the possibilities.

Benefits and Support for Veterans

With Mountain Home Air Force base less than an hour’s drive South down a desert highway road, and Gowen Field Air National Guard located adjacent to the Boise Airport, Boise is a military town proud of its service members and veteran retirees.

That’s why it was no surprise to us when Boise showed up #7 on Veteran’s United’s 50 Best Places to live in 2020. Boise recognizes and honors the service of its military members and veterans in many ways. It’s common to see flags flying, event specials commemorating service members, and supportive bumper stickers throughout the Treasure Valley.

But the values that put Boise on this list go beyond local specials and bumper stickers. With the average age of military retirees between 41 and 45, Idaho’s growing economy and job market correlates with a 6.7% veteran income growth since 2012. Idaho also offers compensation for active duty, tuition scholarship programs, state park passes, hunting and fishing licenses. Furthermore, Boise is home to three skilled nursing facilities for Idaho veterans (each of which are Medicare and Medicaid certified).

Each of these benefits, and many more, make Boise a great place to buy a home, live, work, and retire as a service member.

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