Where are Idaho’s Haunted Places?!

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What Haunted Places do you want to check off your list? I’m ready to venture out!

I can certainly share that I previously owned and lived in a house that MUST have been haunted. Sure, it was built in 1895 and had many residents, but did some return to haunt me? Check out who I was? Hopefully, keep me protected? I can honestly say, I chose to believe the last thought! My cute little bungalow home in the Northend of Boise was unique and was the first home I remodeled with my own personal touch and construction skills. But weird things happened the entire 10 years that I was there and I can say, I don’t miss some of the nuances or happenings. Luckily I wasn’t attached to a “traveler ghost” as I’ve not been affected in future homes. We laugh at the memories of lights turning on and off, and music boxes randomly starting to play, and my “friend” must have liked TV, because it would turn on, but it never turned off. Our fondest memory (and should I restate that to our most concerning memory) was when our 3-year-old would sit for hours playing with her “imaginary friend”. Or was it?! Full-on conversations and tea parties. It was enough incentive to say goodbye to our ghostly friends!

I came across this site today that you can filter by State to preview America’s Most Haunted! Who’s ready to check these Idaho locations off your haunted bucket list?! If you dare:

Idaho’s Haunted Places

Idaho State Penitentiary


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