Ready to plant your garden?! It is time!!

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Like the idea of starting seeds inside? It’s my favorite way to get an early start!

Okay, let’s break down the key points about seed starting in Idaho:

1. Indoors, you need to provide the following for successful seed starting:
– Light
– Heat
– Water
– Soil

There are many options including countertop greenhouses, using a heat mat, and a few other tools for optimal seed starting. The key is providing the ideal indoor growing conditions – adequate light, heat, moisture, and the right soil – to give your seedlings the best chance of thriving before transplanting them outside. The self-contained greenhouse provides a nice all-in-one setup to help achieve those conditions. Here’s an Amazon link to my favorite: Countertop Greenhouse

  • In a few weeks after starting seeds indoors, you can begin directly sowing root crops outside, such as:
    • Carrots
    • Beets
    • Radishes
    • Turnips
  • Also please reach out for further recommendations for various free weekly seed starting and garden planning classes here locally. I have some favorites!
  • The direct sowing of root crops outdoors a few weeks after starting seeds indoors is a nice progression for getting your garden going. Starting seeds inside gives them a head start, then you can transition to direct sowing of hardy root veggies outside as the weather permits.

 Also, here’s a great planting guide and HAPPY GROWING:

You can download it here too: Spring Planting Guide

References: Northend Nursery

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