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Tips for Freshening Up Your Home

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Whether you are staying in your home or planning to make a move, 360 Real Estate Services has expertise in staging your home for sale or sprucing it up to for your own enjoyment.

Clutter Cleaning

The first step before restyling your home is to tackle the dirt, dust, and grime that builds up. This is the best way to create a fresh slate before applying a fresh look. Start with surface level cleaning and work your way to a deep clean. It is amazing the difference a deep cleaning of surfaces, windows, woodwork, appliances, and ignored spaces can do for the overall look of your home.

Change Pillows

For a quick style update or seasonal change, try replacing accent pillows and other decor. You can limit this to one area of your home or take on the whole house depending on time and budget. Choosing pillows that go along with a seasonal vibe will refresh the tone. Whether or not you will use them again, you can either put away the old pillows or donate them.

Replace Outdated Artwork

Outdated artwork can set the tone for your home and influences the appearance of your whole house. Replacing them with something lighter and brighter will improve the ambience of. Wall décor is where less can be more. If you do not have the budget to update your art pieces, it may be best to leave the wall blank until you find something you like and at the right price tag.

Add a New Plant or Flowers

Consider adding a plant or some flowers throughout your home to match the season. If you do not have a green thumb, try a plant like a dracaena or snake’s plant as they can survive without watering for weeks. If you are good with houseplants consider plants with more complex care needs. Bringing them from outside into your home not only refreshes the space but adds to the health and atmosphere.

Freshen Up the Patio

For spring and summer, do not ignore your home’s exterior. Whether a patio or yard, take spend some time in the environment and observe key features like sun, shade, drainage, and other elements. Landscape and outdoor décor can be expensive so it’s important to choose items that will endure and thrive based on the specifics of the space. Changing up the patio, yard, or any space outside creates excitement to spend more time enjoying gatherings and family dinners outside.

Your home is not only your castle it is also likely your most valuable asset. Whether you plan to stay forever or are making a move, freshening up your indoor and outdoor spaces is time well spent.

360 Real Estate Services is a full-service agency focusing on the entire homeownership journey. Our greatest successes are with preparing for, collaborating on, and executing short- and long-term plans to meet personal real estate objectives. We love to talk about Idaho and of course real estate. Contact us for a free consultation!

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