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Turning Curb Appeal into “Screen Appeal”

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Appearances mean everything when it comes to first impressions. Making sure your house has beautiful curb appeal when it goes on the market has always been an essential part of getting that “Wow!” from potential buyers. Sellers go to great lengths to landscape front yards, replace siding or garage doors, and re-paint so that the house is practically glowing on the block before it’s listed. And while curb appeal is still important, there is now a new essential trend on the block: “screen appeal.”

Over 93 percent of buyers use the internet to search for homes, and photography is an indispensable resource proven to increase the speed and price at which homes sell. Combined with the fact that social distancing measures have triggered a decline in home viewings and prompted buyers to rely on digital assets to get to know a home, and it is obvious that screen appeal is a priority for any seller.

What It Takes

Screen appeal is different from curb appeal in that it encompasses the whole home. One particular benefit of screen appeal over curb appeal is the significant amount of control you have over each image you display online. You choose how the buyer views the home: how each room is photographed and staged, the camera angles used to the lighting, furniture, paint, landscaping, and other selling points. All of it can be displayed exactly as you choose.

We have put together a list of simple tips to help you make the most out of your home’s screen appeal and get that “Wow,” from buyers when they click your property listing.

Cleanliness is Paramount

Nobody wants to look at pictures of a dirty house. Don’t leave the potential of your home to the buyer’s imagination. Wipe down the countertops, clean the carpets, wash the windows – a thorough deep clean is a fundamental principle of preparing a home for sale, and it is essential for establishing screen appeal.

Stage the Room for the Camera

Just because your furniture arrangement looks and feels great in-person doesn’t mean that configuration is the best option for your photo shoot. When you’re staging for photos, think about the best angle to present the room from the lens of your camera (you can even walk around the house with your phone camera if that helps), then arrange the furniture and appliances in the room to best suit the angle you choose. This may mean removing chairs, sofas, etc… if it makes for a better shot.

Keep Lighting Consistent

Choose the brightest time of day to shoot so that your home is filled with natural daylight. If possible, shoot the entire home on the same day to keep your lighting consistent. Avoid harsh light beams coming directly through windows, as this will cause shadowy pools in your images, and parts of the photo will be both over and under exposed. Capturing even and consistent lighting for your digital listing makes a more balanced experience for your viewers.

When in Doubt, Call a Pro

While a smart phone camera and a little bit of photography know-how can truly go a long way, the gear, knowledge, and experience of a professional photographer will take your screen appeal to the next level. Real estate photographers specialize in making your home look amazing, so if you find yourself struggling to get the angles, lighting, and staging perfect for your photos, a professional photographer might be the best solution.

Keep in mind that curb appeal has not disappeared, and it’s not likely to. It’s still important to cultivate your home’s front yard and exterior for viewings and those who just drive by. But when it comes to first impressions in the current real estate market, you cannot afford to slack on your property’s digital appearance. Use these tips to enhance your property’s screen appeal and sell your home faster and at the best possible value.

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